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Known as the all seeing eye, eye of providence, 3rd eye, and evil eye, this symbolic image is prevalent throughout history and spans among many cultures. This Pendant's design started by hand carving the eye from wax. The silver base was then formed around the shape of the eye so it nestles into the frame. Each piece is cast separate, the eye in bronze and the base in sterling silver. The pieces are then soldered together, oxidized then polished multiple times. I put the pendant on chunky silver chain with score lines. Part way up the necklace transitions to soft leather. The necklace is finished with a brass button. I have a saying that I keep in mind when I wear this pendant, "Keep an eye out for the beauty in life." For me, this is the antidote to the Memento Mori necklace. This is a reminder that life is full of beauty the whole joy of living is finding beauty and appreciating it, all of it, including death. The pendant measures about 3/4" tall and 1" wide.

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